I've read the explanation of the phase sequence controls in the manual, but still can't quite get it. Can you suggest some sample settings?

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The best way to experiment with the phase sequence controls is to set the LFO to a triangle shape (LEDs panning back and forth), symmetry at 12 o'clock, rate slowish (around 9 o'clock) then turn the 'range' control down until only 3 LEDs are being illuminated in time with the LFO shape. Then you can play with the phase sequence controls and more easily notice they affect he sound. Or better still, turn the 'range' control right down until only one LED is illuminated (the middle one of the nine) then adjust that control only. NOTE - it is very important to realise that the far-right phase sequence control ALSO controls the sound in the step-phase mode, so make sure that you experiment with that one too.