777 - Flying Pan reproduction

The Prophecysound Systems 'Seven-Seventy-Seven' is a faithful reproduction of the Flying Pan.

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Originally manufactured 30 years ago for only 3 years, the Ibanez FP-777 Flying Fan has become famous for it's mind-warping phase / tremolo / panned tones, and is one of the favourites of insane and wealthy pedal collectors. Behind the hype, however, is a practical pedal with very cool combinations of phase and tremolo adjustable via a minimum of controls, yet still capable of providing a wealth of sounds both classic and futuristic. The Prophecysound Systems 'Seven-Seventy-Seven' is a faithful reproduction of the original in both tone and function, yet is priced within the range of the working musician.


  • Phase Speed
  • Feedback Depth
  • Phase Select ('left', 'stereo', 'right')
  • Pan Speed
  • Phase and Tremolo/Pan sections individually switchable using heavy-duty 3PDT stomp switches; LED indication of section on or off
  • 'left' and 'right' outputs for stereo amp setups; Neutrik 1/4" sockets used for ruggedness and reliabilty
  • hand assembled, tested and calibrated using quality components and professionally manufactured PCBs
  • a faithful reproduction of the original, with metal film resistors and PCB ground plane utilised to minimise noise
  • operates from standard regulated 9VDC 2.1mm negative tip power supply
  • size is 7.38 "W x 4.7"D x 2.1"H