4ms triwave + digital delay, for out-of-this-world synthetic sounds.

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Echowave overview

The echowave is a modified 4ms triwave picogenerator (conceptualised and designed by Dann Green of 4ms Pedals) that incorporates a digital delay for a wider range of synthetic ambient effects. Each echowave comes equipped with these standard triwave features:
  • 3 LFOs with speed controls
  • 3 flashing LEDs (one per LFO)
  • 2 oscillator channels, each with a pitch and tone control
  • 6 depth controls (3 LFO x 2 channels)
  • mix control to blend between oscillators
  • master volume control
  • 1/4" output jack

Additionally, the waveshape mod is added to each echowave (allowing blending between triangle and square waveshapes for each LFO), and a digital delay (maximum delay time of 400ms) with on/off switch, repeats, delay time and dry / wet blend is included. A hand-painted / labelled box encloses the echowave circuitry, with the usual prophecysound high quality construction and wiring.

The echowave is suitable for drones, ambient noises, experimental tones and sampling as a sound source.

Note - pictured are a couple of previous model Echowaves, each one has different cosmetics.