Rubber Fetish MkII Envelope Filter

The Rubber Fetish MkII is an old-school sounding envelope filter with extra features to make it usable in the studio or live in the modern age.

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Rubber Fetish MkII pricing 
Rubber Fetish MkII - within Australia pricing 297.00 AUD; inc GST currency conversion
Rubber Fetish MkII - for sales outside Australia 270.00 AUD; ex GST currency conversion
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Rubber Fetish MkII overview

The Prophecysound Rubber Fetish MkII takes the Mutron III envelope filter, and adds some extra features to give you more control over the sound, as well as being designed to easily fit - size and power-requirements wise - into modern pedal boards / rigs.

Like the Mutron III, the Rubber Fetish MkII has the following controls:
  • input gain - adjusts the volume of the effect when engaged
  • High Pass / Band Pass / Low Pass selection switch - selects which frequencies are passed by the filter
  • filter peak / Q - adjusts the strength of the filter effect
  • drive up / down switch - selects the direction of the filter sweep with respect to the dynamics of your playing
  • frequency hi / low switch - selects between emphasizing higher or lower frequencies

A good start. However, if you want to adjust the volume of the effect separately from the sensitivity, or blend a little clean sound in with the effected signal, slightly adjust the filter frequency or sweep - you are out of luck. The extra controls on the Rubber Fetish MkII address all of these issues:

  • touch / sensitivity - allows adjustment of the sensitivity of the filter sweep independently from the volume level of the effect
  • blend - an active blend control that lets you dial in 100% effected signal through to 100% clean, or anywhere in-between. Finally bass players can get in on that highpass and bandpass action without sacrificing bottom end. And guitar players will also appreciate being able to blend in some of the original sound of their instrument
  • frequency fine tune - along with the 'standard' frequency hi / low switch it's now possible to make subtle adjustments to the filter frequency; really useful to capture the filter sweep over a particular harmonic or frequency. This control is completely unique to the Rubber Fetish MkII.
  • sweep - allows you to adjust the filter sweep range and frequency, and works with the sensitivity control to adjust how the filter sweep occurs in response to the input signal

You might think that with all these extra features the Rubber Fetish MkII might be one of those over-sized pedals that it difficult to fit into your pedal board. Not so. In contrast to it's fat sound, the 'fetish is delivered inside a petite 1590BB size (120mm x 95mm x 30mm; 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.2") box. What else? Oh yeah - all the usual pedal blah blah - true-bypass heavy duty stomp switch, Switchcraft 1/4" jacks, a LED for indicating if the pedal is on or off etc etc. Conveniently, the Rubber Fetish MkII runs from a standard 9VDC power supply, whereas the original Mutron pedal required a special power supply. That's about it for the blurb, although you might be wondering how we've made it this far with no jokes about the pedals' name. Don't worry - that's what advertising is for! The Rubber Fetish mkII takes an old-favourite design as it's basis, and brings it into the modern age with extra sound and usability features. Besides that, we've worked hard to make sure the pedal delivers wet, funky, sick or subtle envelope filter sounds that are easy to dial in, and that are usable both in the studio and live. If you like envelope filters in general, then you'll really love this pedal in particular!