'Rubber Fetish mk II' envelope filter

'Rubber Fetish mkII' custom envelope filter made for Jacob. Based on a Mutron III - an improved version of the original Rubber Fetish. Controls are:

  • HP / BP / LP switch
  • blend
  • peak / Q
  • touch / sensitivity
  • gain
  • drive up / down switch
  • frequency hi / lo switch
  • frequency fine tune

Improvements for the mkII version:

  • Blend control is now active (mkI version was passive), provides smoother blending from fully-processed to fully-clean
  • *new* sweep control - allows fine-tuning the sweep / start point of the filter
  • *new* phase control - operates on the processed audio, prior to mixing with blend control, and enables progressive selection of phase cancellation / reinforcement relative to the unprocessed signal

Just picked it up and brought it home. I love it! Thanks so much. Such a sick sound! Thanks again for everything! I am super happy...- Jacob