PiPhase mk2 dual phase shifter

An accurate and compact reproduction of the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase.

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Infinitphase MkII

The classic phaser - available now!

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Prophecysound has ceased operation as of February 2018

Note! No technical support will be available as of February 2020

Important! Please note that Prophecysound has ceased manufacture and distribution of all products as of February 2018. I only provide support for prior existing customers, but please be warned - I have no ability to provide technical assistance or repairs other than what information may be shared via email. There are no pedals for sale, nor do I know where you can obtain (for example) a Pi-Phase.
Please additionally note that NO technical or repair support will be available after February 2020.
- Mike

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We are based in Adelaide, South Australia

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We at Prophecysound are always happy to provide usage and technical support to current owners of our devices. Even if you are not the original purchaser, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your device, or any necessary repair or maintenance work.

Recent Products

A summary of our recent products. You can also browse all of our products here.

The Pi-Phase mk2 is an accurate reproduction of the original Mu-Tron Bi-Phase dual phase-shifter, but in a more compact format much more suited to pedal-boards / live use.
Note - ceased production as of January 2018. Mutron USA sell the "Biphase" which is an Pi-Phase mk2 with different cosmetics.

The enduring concept of a marriage between a phase shifter and sequencer continues to offer both classic and experimental sounds in a single device.

Note - as of November 2016 the Infinitphase mkII is no longer available.

The Rubber Fetish MkII is an old-school sounding envelope filter with extra features to make it usable in the studio or live in the modern age.

No longer available

4ms triwave + digital delay, for out-of-this-world synthetic sounds.

No longer available

A reproduction of the 80's preamp / booster as famously used by The Edge.

No longer available

The Prophecysound Systems 'Seven-Seventy-Seven' is a faithful reproduction of the Flying Pan.

No longer available